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City Council Approves Expenditures


Mena City Council held a special called meeting on Tuesday, March 29, to hold a vote on the expenditure of funds for the East Boundry street project. The project will see a section of East Boundry that runs between Ransom Road and the Mena School Bus Barn at the Mildred Street intersection, hard surfaced. Estimated cost of the project that was prepared by Morrison Shipley engineers is $293,010.

A grant is being sought through the Western Arkansas Planning and Development District for the amount of $200,000. The road is co-owned by the city and county, who are responsible for any costs above the grant amount. Both Mena City Council and the Polk County Quorum Court have approved the cost share of $46,505 each. It will take several weeks before it is known whether the grant will be approved or denied but officials remain hopeful.

The purchase of two new police cars for the Mena Police Department was also approved at the special meeting of the City Council. The city is opening bids on the purchase on April 21st. Once purchased, the city will have to outfit the cars with new equipment such as light bars and cages and will also paint the outside. The city has a budget set aside for the cars but is hopeful that bids will come in under that amount.


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  1. I live on this street. I really hope people pay attention. way too many walkers on this narrow strip and kids just don’t seem to care how fast they go. I know in the evenings i have as many as 15 people that walk in front of my house at any given time. right after school son walks and about six other students walk by. There is also an elderly gentleman that can hardly hear with his white poodle that walks by twice a day. I have yelled at quite a few speeders just checking my mail. Its not fun being hit by rocks. Less dust in the house is welcome but not sure how this is going to address the speeding issues.

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