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Cossatot Achievers 4H Makes One Boy’s Dream Come True


Christmas dreams came true for one young man in the county as the Cossatot Achievers 4H Club insured he got what was on his list. Ten-year old Michael Grey just wanted a car, an old car, that he could tinker on with his dad and get ready for his sixteenth birthday when he’ll be able to legally drive it down the road.

Cossatot Achievers 4H Leader Shanea Baker explains, “He’s autistic and has other health issues and he set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for a car so our 4H club wanted to help.”

Grey’s adopted mother, Kim Moore posted his story on the GoFundMe page. “My son suffers from a number of disabilities; including traumatic frontal brain injury, Reactive attachment disorder(RAD), PTSD post traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety and depression disorders, Behavior disorders NOS, social disabilities, and mild high functioning Autism. He has to stay busy and he is infatuated with “antique” vehicles. His version of an “antique” is anything old, rusty, and in bad shape. All he talks about is vehicles. I think a hobby like this would help keep him on the right track. I need help to make his dream come true as he helped me with my dream many years ago.”

As requested, Cossatot Achievers 4H, along with a bit of help from others, delivered an old rusty car to Michael on December 23rd. “We were so excited to help make Michael’s dream come true,” said Baker. To Michael she said, “You’ve got lots of hard work ahead of you but we know you will enjoy every minute of it.”

“I am a proud leader to see the kids all working very hard to give back to our communities with their helping hands. A tremendous thank you goes to Hortons towing for picking up and delivering the car. Also to Doug Dinkins who set up the wrecker service for us and Reggie Saddler who donated the car and helped us make this dream come true for a little boy’s Christmas. Polk County Deputy Sheriff Scott Sawyer was also on hand and escorted the crew.

Baker said, “Michael was shocked I first went to the door. He said, ‘It’s for me? I don’t know what I’m going to do first. This is awesome.’” Baker continued, “When they got it unloaded, he said, ‘can we pop the hood and make sure it has a motor?’ Baker also said comments like, “This is going to be so fun dad, we get to work on this together,” came from Michael through his larger than life smile. The car had an old cell phone originally installed in it and when he got in and saw the phone, “he was super excited.” Baker added, “Just to know that one man’s junk was a treasure to him and his favorite gift was awesome. It put Christmas into perspective for our 4H kids.”

Cossatot Achievers 4H also filled bags with hand warmers, dried fruit, applesauce, toothbrush, toothpaste, chapstick, socks, and more that were donated to the Backpack program. “We sent home 60 bags with children in Wickes. We also went caroling on December 22nd and delivered hot warm cooked meals to several people in the community and took desserts to the elderly, shut-ins, and disabled. I’m very proud of my 4H kids,” Baker smiled.


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