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Council Approves Bid for City Pool Repairs


The Mena City Pool has been closed for two weeks due to mechanical issues and will remain closed for a bit longer. Mena City Council met in a special called meeting on Monday, June 27, 2016 to create an ordinance to waive the competitive bidding process in an effort to expedite the process.

Luther Stem Pools and Spas of Fort Smith was approved through Ordinance #2263 to replace the two old filters that were installed in the 1970’s with six smaller filters. The cost will be at least $18,400, but the City has anticipated such repairs for a few years now and has been saving money just in case. The City has budgeted accordingly, with $30,000 set aside to complete the project. The Mena Parks Department will assist in removing the old filters, resulting in additional cost savings to the city.

Luther Stem Pools and Spas originally placed the filters in the 70’s and have the new filters needed to restore service on hand. They also carry expertise knowledge of the system and will only take one day to install the new filters. However, the plan must meet state approval, which is the next step. There is not a timetable on how long the state approval will take, but officials are hopeful it will be a quick turnaround.


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