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Couple Celebrates 75 Years


James and Faye Long were introduced in 1939 at a skating rink, by a mutual friend.  The next day, James was riding his motorcycle up College Hill in their hometown of Texarkana, Arkansas headed to Faye’s house, when he passed her walking to the drug store.  “I pulled up and stopped and got Faye on the motorcycle and everything has been a dream since,” said James.

After two months and sixteen days of dating the couple married on August 16, 1939, 75 years ago.  “I thought James was a nice looking man and a nice looking man like him would make nice looking kids and he did, we had four beautiful children: James Darrel, Fran, Connie and John Mark,” said Faye.  “Yes, we had a litter of kids,” added James.  “We were so poor when we first got married we slept out on the green of a golf course.  A dollar was a foot long.”

James worked in aviation and then went on to spend two and a half years fighting for his country in World War I as a member of the United States Navy. He then went on to work as a substation operator for SWEPCO for over 30 years and lived in Mineral Springs, Arkansas.  They more recently moved to Mena to be near their daughter Fran and her husband A.L. and currently reside in the same room at the Rich Mountain Nursing Home.

“Giving and taking are so important to a marriage and if you’ve been living for very long, you know what I’m talking about,” said James.  “So many things kept us together and our marriage strong.  Love and respect are so important and it was ok to do my thing and for him to do his thing.  You have to be patient and never go to bed mad.  Get up with a smile on your face and enjoy what time you have together.  Life is short, even though we’ve been together for so long, it seems like a very, very short time,” added Faye.

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