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Crazy California and the Transgender Student Bill


As a teenager I’m sure I was as sexually charged as the next guy (an Eveready battery with appendages.) Heck, it wasn’t just me. There was hardly a guy I knew who wouldn’t trade his favorite baseball glove for a peek inside the cheerleader’s locker room. But now, thanks to the mad hatter of California, Governor Jerry Brown (and his new transgender student law), that dream is likely to come true for a handful of clever guys. If I was a randy teen in California today, and wanted to spend some time in a girl’s locker room, I could simply claim that I suddenly realized I was a transgender person – yeah, that’s it! That’s the truth! I’m a girl inside!

Just as soon as the paperwork could be pushed through by those enthusiastic, liberated leftists at the school board, I could be showering with the cheerleaders!  “Don’t worry girls. Just continue what you’re…. doing.” (Wow!). “Nothing to worry about – I’m just a girl in a guy’s body. Could I get your back for you?”

Have these people lost their minds?

Last week California governor Jerry Brown signed his historic new law into affect – the Transgender Student Bill. Put in simple language this new bill obliterates gender expectations/boundaries of children by forcing all California public schools to create a free for all in facilities, sports, and clubs. Let me make this clearer – there will be boys in girl’s restrooms, showers, and clubs, and girls in boy’s restrooms, showers, and sports teams. (The guys may not mind this too much, but I think there’s going to be a problem with the girls…)

There will be absolutely no privacy for sexes whatsoever. All of this mind-blowing gender-bending zaniness, which will create a sexual circus within the California school system, was done for an estimated 2 to 3 percent of California children. Once again, we are ignoring the wishes of the majority while concentrating solely on pleasing the minority.

As I have said before; I don’t give a rat’s posterior who someone loves – it’s their business. Everyone should have the unalienable right to seek happiness in love and life.  But it becomes my business when, for the sake of assuaging the outer fringes of our society, we disrupt the balance of our society, creating chaos within our school systems and placing our children in sexual situations they are not old enough to absorb – situations which may well affect their sensibilities, their morals, and the parameters of their existing decorum.

Opponents of the bill say allowing students of one gender to use facilities intended for the other will invade students’ privacy. I think that’s putting it mildly. It’s West Coast insanity at its finest.

The California bill, backed by The Transgender Law Center, The National Center For Lesbian Rights, and the ACLU of California (an organization that never misses the opportunity to do something aggravatingly stupid), cannot help but throw school systems, teachers, and students into a labyrinth of legality, bitterness, and confusion, and this will do nothing but exacerbate the situation. How do you think the parents of America are going to react when their daughters come home, shaken and distressed, telling them of the boys in their showers?

Once again our liberal government can’t see the forest for the trees. The real message here is, the voice that shouts the loudest, rules, that America is no longer a country concerned with the majority. We are fracturing into tribes, each one hell-bent on establishing their autonomy and getting their share of the dwindling pie. But no tribe, no organization, and certainly no nation can maintain propriety by governing from the bottom up. We should always be seeking fairness and equality but we cannot allow those terms to be used as tools to overthrow the rule by majority, or diminish the common sense that has kept this country on track for 300 years.

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