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CRSD Anticipates 1000 Students For School Year

(WICKES)  Members of the Cossatot River School Board heard reports from the various building principals that the district will have just over one thousand students attending their two high schools and three elementary school campuses in the 2019-2020 school year.

Cossatot River High School will have the largest contingent of students, with 410 enrolled. Wickes Elementary will have 300 students, Vandervoort Elementary will have 175 students and the Umpire campus will have 115 students.

The district approved seven transfers of students to the Mena Public Schools. While, the Umpire campus is seeing students leaving that facility to go to Dierks schools.

The biggest gain of students is happening at the Cossatot River High School, where twenty-seven new students are enrolled.

School begins on Wednesday, August 14th around the region.

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