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DAR and PCGS Hold Headstone Cleaning Workshop

by: Cortez J.Copher, Regent  James K. Polk Chapter

(MENA)  Various members of the James K. Polk Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter in Mena, signed up for a summer cemetery project-  “Proper Cleaning of Headstones.” The Polk County Genealogical Society joined with them in a group effort for the training.

First, they met in the Polk County Library with a local historian and genealogist, Shirley Manning, for a lecture and power point presentation of how to properly clean headstones.  The biological solution D2 was discussed and examples of how it works were shown during the presentation.

Next, the group drove to the White Oak Cemetery which is the Mena Cemetery chosen by the James K. Polk DAR Chapter to use for a demonstration on “How to Properly Clean Headstones.”  Shirley Manning chose the three.

First, she cleaned one with just distilled water.  The second one she cleaned with distilled water first and then sprayed with the D2 Biological Solution. The third headstone she just sprayed with the solution.

As the cleaning solution worked on the headstones, the group walked to the eight Union Soldiers Headstones that she had sprayed previously. The one she had sprayed a second time weeks before with the D2 solution was almost completely clean.

Manning explained that it takes months and maybe another spraying on older headstones to make them look clean. D2 Biological Solution was available to everyone, and each was encouraged to find a veterans headstone, write down the name and location, and later return to check the progress of the cleaning.  The DAR will return in November to place USA flags on Veterans graves.

On August 9, at 9:00 a.m. the Daughters Of the American Revolution, have scheduled a meeting in the Daisy Room behind Janssen Florist for their Second Annual End of Summer Reunion.  Drinks and food will be brought by the DAR members for a  “Meet and Greet” fun filled morning for new and old members, prospective members, and friends of DAR.

All ladies in the Mena area who have an interest in learning more about the James K. Polk Chapter NSDAR are invited to attend.

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