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Defenders Boxing Club of Mena Hosts Female Fury 1 Boxing Event

Saturday’s Female Fury 1 event was a success featuring eighteen fights promoting thirty-six female boxers from ten states.  This event saw the attendance of twenty-one gyms from various areas pouring into Mena for the day event. With this type of influx, Female Fury 1 event saw large crowds attending the bouts, approximately 300 throughout the day, as family and sponsors accompanied the fighters.

The Attitude Angels Female boxing team from Defenders Boxing did not disappoint. Ciara Self, 13 years old, from Wickes made her successful debut with a unanimous win over her opponent. She is the daughter of Melissa and David Self.

Kathryn Davison, age 15, fought a very tough and older opponent losing by a third tko. Her record now stands at 2-2. Sally Davison moved her record to an impressive 4-0 with her unanimous win over her opponent from North Dakota.  Kathryn and Sally are the daughters of Zieka and John Davison.

Defenders Boxing acknowledges the training and support from the following states and gyms where the participants haled from to attended Saturday’s show:  Missouri- Heartland Boxing , Texas-Blas Boxing , Troup Boxing, Team Bragg, Popeyes Gym,

Nebraska-Jackson Boxing Club, Massachusetts-KO Boxing, Indiana-SRG Boxing

Florida-Davie PAL, Louisiana-Sparkys, North Dakota-Chase, Oklahoma-Engine Room,

Arkansas-Silverback, Straight Right (Little Rock and Siloam Springs), Central Arkansas Boxing, Gillispe Boxing, South Arkansas MMA, TKMO, Off the Chain MMA, Defenders Boxing of hometown Mena, as well as a few unattached females.


Another popular event to assist boxers in sanctioned matches wrapped up with great success as shown in a photo capturing Attitude Angels Female boxing team:  (L to R) Ciara Self, Sally Davison, Delilah Matos and Kathryn Davison. Matos is the CEO of Beautiful Fighter.

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