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Education Building Winners at the County Fair

This year’s High Point winners in the Education Building received a special red, white, and blue ribbon for having the most points in their age category.  This special award is sponsored by the Polk County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee.  In the Adult category the winner was Ann Glenn.  Her items were entered in photography, food preservation, and horticulture.  In the Junior category, from ages 13 to 18, the winner was Halie Standerfer who had entries in several departments including crafts, sewing, horticulture, and photography.  In the Youth category, 12 years and under, Taylor Colton was the winner.  His entries included art, forestry, and arts & crafts.

Winners by Department were: Forestry – Adults – Lucas Turner, Junior (13-18) – Jacob Moore, Youth – Kohlea Carmack; Farm Crops – Adults – Justin Mallett; Fruit &  Vegetable Crops – Adults – Dee Dee Alston, Youth – Gloria Roberts; Educational Exhibits – Group – FCCLA – Acorn; Food Preservation – Adults – Steve Mosley, Junior (13-18)- Kayla Youngblood, Youth – Ethan Youngblood; Baked Goods & Candies – Adults – Terri Edwards, Junior (13-18) – Aston Briley, Youth – Katie Benefield; Clothing – Adults – Joanne Johnson, Junior (13-18) – Halie Standerfer, Youth – Emmy Rath; Needle Crafts – Adults – Teresa Clark; Household Arts & Crafts – Adults – Nora Newsom; Adults with Disabilities – Cherri Sandberry; Arts & Crafts – Junior (13-18) – Evelyn Smith, Youth – Kali Smith; Quilts – Adults – Debra Lay; Art Exhibits – Adults – Peggy Hargrove, Junior (13-18)– Michael Carson, Youth – Micah Wilson; Photography – Adults – Ann Glenn, Junior (13-18)– Kaylee Lunsford, Youth – Micah Wilson; Horticulture – Adults – Peggy Young, Junior (13-18) – Kaylee Lunsford.


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