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Expansion Project to Move Radio Stations to Pulse Multi-Media Headquarters Near Completion

Work is progressing very quickly at the Pulse Multi-Media headquarters, located at 1168 Hwy 71 South.  The project that began in late July to add an additional estimated 1,100 s.f. is for the purpose of relocating the current Mena radio stations (KENA 104.1FM, KQOR 105.3FM, and 1450 AM) from Reine Street for a combined operation.  The AM tower currently located at Reine Street will stay at its present location as well as the two FM towers located on Whiskey Peak in Potter.  The move will be the first time in the local radio stations’ history.

The location on Reine Street will be slightly modified and will serve as a new distribution center for the The Polk County Pulse newspaper, where crews will add the inserts weekly and bundle for delivery each Tuesday evening.

The exact date of the completion is not known but is expected to be within the next 30 to 60 days.

MSBI has been the contractor on the job and Pulse Multi-Media’s General Manager LeAnn Dilbeck said she has been impressed in the speed and quality of the operation, “We really have to commend the entire crew but particularly Jay Simpson who has been the manager on our job site. He has gone above and beyond for us and we truly appreciate his skills and professionalism.”


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