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Extension Homemakers Club Raises Money for Fairgrounds Sidewalks


The countywide Extension Homemakers Club volunteer group has chosen, as one of its ongoing projects for the year, to raise money to build a sidewalk around the educational building at the Polk County Fairgrounds. This will help with the safety of those who volunteer at the yearly fair and for everyone who enjoys attending the fair each year. This project is needed due to the unlevel ground, mud, and rocks making it unsafe for the volunteer workers who prepare the building each year and for the many citizens who attend the fair, especially the elder ones who enjoy seeing the many exhibits that are entered. Two EHC members, Joyce Butler and Linda Johnson, organized the yearly rummage sale, with the help of other EHC members, for a great start at raising money for this needed project. The pride and beauty of Polk County comes from volunteers like Linda, Joyce, and others who are willing to take time to notice the little or big things that need to be taken care of. Mollie Thomas of EHC said, “We invite you, the citizens of Polk County, to come join us in one of our EHC clubs located all over the county. Everyone regardless of ethnic backgrounds or gender is welcomed. We are a volunteering group, homemaking teacher group, and a group that enjoys and takes pride in living in our beautiful Polk County.”


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