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Fields Promos – Customizing in You


Born and raised in Polk County, Shawn Fields graduated from Hatfield High School in 1990.  He then went on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Agri Business from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

In 1991, before his sophomore year of college he married his wife, Chandra.  “I’ve known Chandra all my life; we have a photo of us at the same Easter egg hunt when we were four years old.  She didn’t live here until we were in college, but came back to visit her family often.  I told my mom when we were in the 10th grade that I was going to marry her, it just took her a few more years to figure that out,” said Fields with a laugh.

Fields began working in sales immediately, and has spent his entire career in that field.  After living around the state of Arkansas for many years, they saw an opportunity to move home in 2007.  “I tried several different times to move back home and we weren’t able to, but at that time I had a job that made it possible to relocate.  Both Chandra and I have family here and we knew we wanted to raise our children here and we wanted them to attend school here,” Fields explained.

The Fields’ have four children, including two that were recently adopted through the foster care system, and they currently have another foster child in their home.  An area they are passionate about, they hope to continue assisting children for many years.

“A year and a half after we moved home my job situation changed and since then I have worked in several different jobs trying to ensure I can keep my family living in Polk County.  A year and a half ago, I was introduced to the field of advertising and specialty promotions and I started Field Promos in January of 2014.”  Field Promos specializes in custom apparel: screen printing and embroidery, as well as advertising specialties, which Fields describes as “anything that you can put your name on.”

Targeting local events, businesses and schools, Fields found quickly that there was a need for this industry.  “Back 20 years ago, this market was flooded with salesmen but the internet changed that and as a result there was absolutely no customer service.  I didn’t realize the need until I made a few phone calls and sales and saw that people were very eager to talk to someone in this industry face to face,” explained Fields.  “It’s not just apparel, and it’s not just pens, it’s a wide variety of advertising specialty products: hats, lanyards, plastic or Styrofoam cups, mugs. I’m currently quoting fly swatters. Anything you can put your name on, I can help you with.”  Fields Promos can be reached by calling 479.234.1519 or by visiting

Having spent several years in the big city, living and working in Polk County is a high priority for the Fields family.  “I enjoy the slow pace in Polk County that I can raise my family here and really get to experience life with my children and wife.  I feel like I know most of the people here and that family values are important in this area,” said Fields.

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