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Flag Retirement Ceremony Held in Acorn

Friday, June 14 was Flag Day and a flag retirement ceremony was conducted at the American Legion Frank Fried Post #18 in Acorn. The ceremony has been an integral part of American Legion ritual since 1937 and is held yearly. Members of the Legion conducted the ritual with respect and honor as members of the community looked on.

Worn flags were honorably retired with a ceremony including presenting of the colors, the Pledge of Allegiance, and taps. Nathan Roth and Robin Lang provided a unique presentation of echo taps. At the end of the ceremony the pyre of flags was lit and allowed to burn until no trace of the flags remained.

In speaking of the flag retirement ceremony the National Flag Foundation states:  “This flag has served its nation well and long. It has worn to a condition in which it should no longer be used to represent the nation. This flag represents all of the flags collected and being retired from service today. The honor we show here this evening for this one flag, we are showing for all of the flags, even those not physically here.”

The Boys Scouts of America use these words in their flag ceremonies and they seem fitting to quote here:  “Just a simple piece of colored cloth; sewn together in a red, white, and blue design. A piece of cloth that of itself does nothing more than hang or blow in the wind. Each flag does not only represent its own history, but that of every flag that has flow before it. To many millions of people through out our nations glorious history, it has stood tall, standing as a monument of Freedom, for all Americans.

Men and women have given their lives for it, fought for it, cried for it, and revered it as a symbol of the greatest country on earth. Books, songs, and poems have been written for it, and our National Anthem was inspired by it. Each day our children are encouraged to pledge their allegiance to it, and when ever it is raised or passes by, we all place our hands over our hearts or salute it. It stands for the freedom we all share and the pride and patriotism we feel for our country.”

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