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Fox Set to be Released from ADC

The United States District Court, Eastern District of Arkansas, has granted a petition to release Jessica M. Fox from prison after pleading guilty to and being sentenced in Polk County Circuit Court in June 2015 for two counts of Introduction of Controlled Substance into the Body of Another Person. Her sentence was handed down by Judge Jerry Ryan who set each count to run concurrent, and totaled 20 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

However, since the Arkansas Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Melissa McCann-Arms’ conviction on the same charge, Fox’s case, along with Amy Robertson’s case, who was also convicted of the same charge, was brought back to the courts. In McCann-Arms’ Supreme Court case, the argument was made that a fetus doesn’t count as a person until born and even though their children were born with drugs in their systems, there was no proof the drugs entered the child post-birth.

Fox is set to be released from ADC as soon as possible. Prosecuting Attorney Andy Riner, who prosecuted all three landmark cases, said, “I am still working with advocacy groups to try to come up with a Legislative fix to this issue. It is a tragedy that many children are affected by their mothers’ controlled substance ingestion, and it now appears that there is no legal remedy for prosecutors.”



  1. But still yet, they hold Lori Rose for taking up for her child!
    Shame on you Polk County Ark.

  2. Well it’s seems to me to be that when abortion was legalized, the public, not everyone, but in general started thinking that if it’s legal to kill a baby in the womb then how can you charge a person who harms a fetus with a crime? I know people will think I’m crazy, but, maybe if we criminalize abortion again then we could charge a person for harming a fetus before society calls it a person! I don’t like these women being able to use these play on words to get out of the debt they owe society, but it seems to me if they can opted out of a pregnancy legally then the judicial system shouldn’t be able to charge them with a crime if the baby is born with drugs from the person carrying the baby! Sounds like sort of double jeopardy! Now I’m all for law & order, but until we stop the government from making us pay for abortions, which is league, then if a persons harms a fetus it surely can’t be illegal!

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