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Free Services Offer Health Insurance Hope

Health care is often a source of frustration and hopelessness for many, but Baron Insurance Agency is changing that for individuals in the community at no charge.

Mindy Baron, who owns and operates Baron Insurance Agency, offers her services for free.

“Finding health care coverage can be a challenge for people,” Mindy said. “By offering my services for free, I’m able to relive some of the stress that people have when looking for health care coverage.”

Mindy said many people are under false impressions when it comes to insurance, especially Medicare.

“From Health, Life to Medicare, I am committed to keeping my customers safe, satisfied and educated on the ever changing healthcare laws,” Mindy said.

Baron Insurance Agency is contracted with top carriers in Arkansas.

“That puts me in a position that makes me feel confident in finding the right plan for an individual’s needs.”

Mindy has been in the insurance industry for several years and advanced into a role where she owns her own agency.

“I always thought insurance was trying to sell things – but with health insurance and being an independent agent, I can really help people and sit down with them and figure out the best things for them.”

Her passion for insurance was born when she realized how health insurance changes people’s lives.

“I opened my own agency so I could help people how I wanted to help – by sitting with them and really listening to their needs,” Mindy said. 

“Health insurance is so confusing for most people and most are not doing the best things for them,” she continued, “Most people are getting insurance through a company that just sold them a plan, instead of considering all the offerings and see what is best for them, especially cost wise. I really love it and it is an awesome job to be able to help people.” 

Baron Insurance Agency specializes in finding insurance for those with low income.

“I know Medicaid inside out and do the whole application process for individuals and have them sign,” Mindy explained. “That takes the burden and stress of the paperwork away.” 

Mindy said even if an individual has no money, but needs health insurance or has questions, she can help.

Mindy said being able to find solutions to problems is “really cool” and she truly loves helping people find insurance.

“There have been quite a few people, some under 65, that I met at food pantries. They had no means of contact with anyone or the money for a computer or internet, or they have no vehicle and don’t know how to get assistance. They needed healthcare badly. 

“There have been people in that situation and they had no clue they could get health insurance and establish health care, or have access to insulin. Having that – it is life-saving. And that’s why I love what I do, because it makes a difference.”

In addition to meeting clients at places such as food banks, Mindy is also willing to meet individuals at their home.

“Being new here, I’m looking forward to partnering with other service organizations that help,” Mindy said. “Often, if a person can benefit from services already offered in the community, they may also need assistance with health insurance, and those are the people I want to help. It means a lot to them.” 

Baron Insurance Agency is located at 809 Mena Street in Mena. for more information visit or call (870) 715-5278.

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