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Greetings to the Guard!

Photos by Trey Youngdahl

The Arkansas National Guard was given a warm welcome as they passed through Polk County, stopping to refuel at the fairgrounds in Mena last week.

Four days of convoys from Ft. Chaffee headed to Fort Polk, Louisiana for training were met with a comfort station made possible by community members.

Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer said, “One of the many reasons I love living in Polk County is the generosity of our community. The Arkansas National Guard had close to 1000 soldiers stop in Mena over four days. We’ve set up a comfort station for the soldiers providing drinks, snacks, and a place to cool off while they refuel.”

All of the refreshments were provided by local people and businesses, including the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Mena Police Department, Dean Boyd and Boyd Interiors, Jeff Brotherton and Brodix, Bobby Brooks and Brooks Ice, Crystal Geyser water, Ouachita Rock, Union Bank, Scotty’s, Roger and Cynthia Crider and Crider Aircraft, Jason Barrett and Debra Buschman from the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Mena Regional Health systems, the Mena Fire Department, the Polk County Fair and Rodeo Association, and Mayor Seth Smith and Jessica Smith; and was coordnaited by Cindi Sawyer.

Donations and Service honor the Arkansas National Guard

Photos courtesy Scott Sawyer

National Guard members at a comfort station at the Polk County Fair Grounds, where troops stopped to refuel on their way to Ft. Polk, Louisiana. Sheriff Scott Sawyer said, “I’ve learned several things about the men and women of the Arkansas National these past few days. They’re all very polite and professional. They don’t litter and they clean up after themselves (we haven’t picked up one piece of trash). They appreciate everything our community did for them. They could live off honeybuns, pop tarts, rice crispy treats, and coffee. The men and women of the Arkansas National Guard are an outstanding group and are a credit to the uniform.”

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