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History Repeating Itself


It’s disheartening to continually witness the blatant comparisons between our nation and those greater (and lesser) countries that have fallen in the past – a constant eroding of moral foundations, a disintegration of law, and a collapse of what was once a vibrant economy. It seems each day the six o’clock news reports yet another challenge to the values and traditions of America. The daily paper has become the harbinger of doom for a country that once believed in God, revered the traditions of marriage and faith, and preserved the concepts of swift and sure justice.

When we have sufficiently removed God from our culture and diminished the value of honesty as a wellspring of our morals, then we become nothing more than sociopathic tribes of cretins, and our courtrooms nothing more than ineffectual bonfires for us to dance around. And that, is the beginning of the end.

Anyone who has studied history finds it painfully obvious that history is repeating itself. It has always been traditions and values, and a powerful presence of justice, swift and sure, that have maintained the continuity of the great cultures before us. In the same breath, it has most always been the deterioration of values, traditions, and justice that has eroded the power base of those cultures.

Rome is always the example that comes to mind, and no society in modern history parallels Rome more than the United States of America – the deterioration of faith, the promulgation and encouragement of alternate sexuality, the collapse of political, judicial and religious tenants, the tapestry of a nation deteriorating into a mosaic of autonomous tribes, and the unchecked and continuous invasion of the country’s borders. (Rome at least resisted its invaders – we, on the other hand, are welcoming them).

Our way of life is now continually threatened from the outside by an loose amalgam of angry sects coalescing around a bitter, vengeful religion, but it is the deterioration of our society from within that will provide our inexorable collapse into a third world country. We’ve become a nation of apologists and excuse-makers, stumbling along while embracing this new technicolored philosophy of diversity above common sense, and reward without effort – that everyone should have the same amount of everything regardless of whether or not they’ve earned it. These same people are the ones who tell us the foundering indigenous cultures within our borders are simply a product of insufficient attention, and the ones climbing over the fences of our borders deserve everything we have the moment their feet touch the ground. They are the same myopic folks who believe every heinous criminal is a product of a childhood without Sugar Pops, and every African American deserves $50,000 in reparations money. It’s poignant naiveté bordering on a “wrestling is real and the moon landing was faked” mindset, and it’s corroding the very foundations of intelligence and common sense in this nation – and yet it grows, and it is beyond me to explain that.

It is the nature of great societies to rise and fall. I know this, and I will accept the inevitability. But it’s just so incredibly distressing to me to witness this race with such pure abandonment, into the tar pits of history.

The views and opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the ownership and staff of The Polk County Pulse. Michael Reisig is a freelance writer and published author whose works are reproduced throughout the globe.