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Hogspore News: Old Barbie Accessories

By Clet Litter from the Ozarks

The Barbershop Think Tank took on a discussion of Barbie Doll. First off, the name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Mattel Toys revealed the doll on March 9, 1959, which was also her birthday. Does that make her 62? If you thought that, you ain’t getting in the Think Tank. Turns out, Barbie was 80 years old this month. 

Here’s how we come to that age. It’s not exact cause we did some guesstimating since she was sposed be a teenager in 1959 with, (perlitely speaking), an adult body. So, we reckoned her 18 when she showed up on the retail shelves in 1959. So, 62 + 18 = 80. That kinda reckoning is what makes this Barbershop Brain Trust special.

Barbie is enjoying the recliner-after-breakfast days, but Mattel is still out there hustling. Sales are high with the accessories: Barbie Medical Alert Fashion Bracelet, Barbie Chair Stair Lift for the Malibu Dream House second story, Barbie Walk-In Tub, and Barbie Pink and Chrome Walker. The hottest item is the Barbie Plus Size Muumuu. 

We was wondering what happened to Ken, so this is what we found: Ken’s ashes are for sale in a Mattel Mantle Urn. Here’s the Think Tank member’s list: Tony the barber, Mumford Pickens, Jimmy Suspenders, me, (Clet Litter), and Morton Trubletoof, even though he thinks that a six-floor building has a new elevator since the sign says it has six landings. Old Man Grimely joins the group whenever he can break away from his afternoon nap. 

The town held the Annual Beauty Pageant Saturday night at the high school auditorium. There were 45 girls this year. That’s a record number. A few folks who don’t cater to being politically correct figured the count was huge cause so many ugly girls entered, probably since the contestants had to wear facemasks.  

Mumford Pickens says, “The cost of lumber is rising. The price for wood trusses is going through the roof.”

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