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Holiday Special Bread


Family and friends gathering for Thanksgiving? How about coming up with a fabulous loaf of Braided Herb Bread to go with that turkey or ham? Barbara Tobias will hold another bread-making class on Saturday, November 16, at Mena Art Gallery, 607 Mena Street.

Barbara will demonstrate how to mix the dough, shape the braids, and bake them; the class winds up with lunch of soup and the fresh bread. And you take home a copy of the recipe so you can recreate it yourself.

This is your chance to learn some of the tricks that make bread-making an art as much as a science. Barbara explains each step as she goes along, and attendees are invited to step up and handle the dough to learn exactly how it should feel when it is ready to rise and when it is ready to bake.

Reservations are required (the gallery’s classroom will only accommodate about 16 people) so call 479-394-3880 to reserve your place. Fee is $10 per person, and that includes the class, the recipe, and lunch. No charge for all the fun and banter between attendees. All proceeds go to support Mena Art Gallery.

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