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Iran Nuclear Deal Op-Ed


President Barack Obama’s negotiated deal with the Iranian regime is a disaster for the United States and its allies, including Israel. It is a deal that I have opposed since it was first announced and my stance has only hardened following a visit to Israel in August, which included meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other leaders in the Middle East.

The American people and the citizens of the Fourth District of Arkansas have spoken out against this deal, with poll after poll showing a lack of national support. And yet, our president has chosen to engage the leading state sponsor of terrorism in negotiations that do nothing but reward Iran for bad behavior and allows it to “self-inspect” in some instances with no checks and balances to ensure the nation does not get its hands on nuclear weapons.

The Iran Nuclear Deal, while portrayed as a way to engage a Middle East nation in restored relations with its neighbors and the world, would just awaken a nation bent on destruction of our closest ally in the region. The Ayatollah has stated that the nation of Israel will cease to exist within 25 years, and yet our president has trusted the Iranian regime as a willing negotiating partner. If for no other reason, the Iranian fascination with destruction of the Jewish state should be enough reason to isolate the country and keep sanctions in place.

But beyond the Iranian regime’s stated goal of the destruction of Israel, one has to also look at how wrong the Obama administration has been with other foreign issues of major consequence. al-Qaeda is still active and spreading across the world and I.S.I.S. has established a caliphate in large parts of Iraq and Syria.

And for anyone who may need a reminder of the last time President Obama attempted to reset relations with a nation, just look to Russia. President Vladamir Putin is no different than his Iranian counterparts. He has invaded sovereign countries from Georgia to Ukraine and has faced weak sanctions that have only strengthened his resolve to continue to antagonize the West. Not only has he faced limited consequences, but Russia is one of Iran’s largest providers of military equipment and stands to make large amounts of money should Iranian sanctions be lifted. Such a move by Russia would directly contribute to the further destabilization of the Middle East through its engagement with Iran.

With this president’s numerous failures in foreign policy, do we want to give him the chance to fail again? Do we, as the American people, want to look back in 50 years and wonder why our leaders didn’t do more to protect the United States and its allies?

My opposition to the Iranian nuclear deal, from the beginning, has been focused on keeping America safe and Iran isolated. My votes this week prove my commitment to America and protecting the homeland from the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. Regardless of the messages put out by President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, or others, this grand bargain with Iran is nothing more than a grand fleece.

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