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Laws Arrested for Violating Probation & No Contact Order


Michael Laws, age 29, of Mena, was arrested again, late Sunday night less than a month after a Polk County jury found him guilty of felony sexual assault of a minor. He was sentenced to probation and a permanent no contact order between he and the victim was issued by Judge Jerry Ryan.

However, after receiving a phone tip of a suspicious vehicle at a residence where Laws was residing with his wife, it was determined the license plate returned to the victim in the case, McKenna Law, now age 18.

Michael Laws was convicted of felony sexual assault of a minor in the 1st degree by a Polk County jury on July 16 after multiple arrests for continuing to have contact with the victim and ultimately fleeing police to Oklahoma. He was sentenced by the jury to 10 years probation. Laws probation is supervised and he was also required to register as a sex offender.

Laws now sits in the Polk County Jail on a ‘probation hold,’ awaiting arraignment on any charges that may be filed in the case.



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