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Lease for Welcome to Mena Sign More Than Doubles


The Mena Advertising and Promotion Commission met on Thursday, May 11, to discuss the location of the city’s Welcome to Mena sign. The sign currently sits in the ‘Y’ at the junction of Hwy. 88 East and 71 North. The city had a five-year contract with the owners of the property where the sign currently sits, but it ran out a couple of months ago.

The prior contract included a $200 per year lease agreement, but the landowners have asked for $500 per year in a new proposal. The lapse in the contract came as the A&P discussed moving the sign to a new location instead of paying a larger annual lease fee.

However, at the meeting, a motion passed to allow City Attorney Patrick McDaniel to negotiate a 12-month contract, instead of a 5-year contract, and to agree to pay the increased proposal of $500 per year, in addition to a pro-rated amount for the two-month lapse. Also, commissioners included that the sign must remain visible from both sides and cannot be blocked.

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