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Legislature Passes Two New Abortion Laws Despite Governor’s Vetoes


The legislature passed 2 new laws restricting abortions during the 2013 General Session. Both laws were passed by strong bipartisan majorities and Gov. Beebe’s vetoes of the bills were also overridden by a solid bipartisan majority.  The new laws placed restrictions on elective abortions when a child has a detectable heartbeat and is capable of feeling pain. One of the  laws was recently partially overturned by a federal judge but most of its provisions were upheld.

The subject of legal protections for unborn children is often viewed as a moral or a religious issue. While most Christian religions oppose the willful destruction of innocent human life, I believe that the legal issue is best defined in terms of logic and medical evidence.

We define death (the absence of life) as the lack of a heartbeat and functioning brain. The logical inverse is that we must define life as the presence of the same indicia.
If an unborn child has human DNA and meets the fundamental medical criteria for being alive then it stands to reason that he/she must be afforded the same protections and rights afforded to any other human being.
This position requires no moral or religious determination. It’s simple logic and uses medically demonstrable evidence.
Arkansas has laws protecting the lives and rights of unborn children that are among the strongest in the nation. I’m proud that we are a pro-life state and that I’ve been able to play a role in ensuring that the lives of innocent children have the strongest possible legal protections.
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