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Lightpole Injures Two

On Saturday, March 9th, at about 2:50 p.m. the Clarksville Police Department received a 911 call and responded to the Clarksville High School Football field for a light pole that toppled during the windy weather conditions injuring two people.  A Mena High School soccer player and a referee were injured during a tournament game in Clarksville.  EMS and Clarksville Police were called to the stadium after high winds toppled a light pole.  At the time of the incident Mena and Dardenelle players were on the pitch.  The Mena player and the referee were transported to the hospital by ambulance.  The student is reported to have suffered cuts to the head and legs while the referee is reported to have suffered a broken leg.  The tournament was cancelled and the stadium closed until officials give the okay for activities there to resume.

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