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Lind Wins 1st Runner-Up in Songwriter Competition

Local musician, Logan Lind, just returned from North Dakota where he performed at Norsk Høstfest, one of the largest Scandinavian Festivals in North America. This was the second consecutive year that Lind was invited to perform. The 4 day festival drew over 60,000 people a day, and Lind and his band (Dr. Ron Beckel, aka: Dr. B and Don Buttermilk), played a total of 8 shows. Other festival entertainers included Kris Kristofferson, Alabama, Bill Cosby, The Oak Ridge Boys, Bjøro Håland, Frigg, The Abba Girlz and Tigirlily.  Lind, who is half Norwegian, added his unique style of “Folk/Rock with a Scandinavian Edge.”

“Norsk Høstfest is a huge cultural event in North Dakota. You have people from all over the world attend – and the little town of Minot becomes an international hub for 4 days during the festival. It’s like being in another country, with all the diverse music, languages, incredible foods, and skilled artisans displaying their works,” states Lind.

After leaving Minot, Lind then traveled to Grand Forks, where he performed at the University of North Dakota.  He was also a guest speaker at 3 Norwegian language classes where he spoke about his Norwegian heritage and music.

Upon returning to Arkansas, Lind performed in Eureka Springs as a finalist in the Ozark Folk Festival Songwriters Competition where he placed 1st Runner Up.

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