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Living With Disability, Overcoming With Accomplishments

by Sam Jordan, News Director •

(COVE)  For a young person, being able to obtain accomplishments and accolades while in school, is generally important. Especially, in preparations for a college education and degree, in preparation for that well – paying job in life, is usually not too difficult for most.

But, add a disability such as deafness, is something that most students are not prepared to face or handle in life.

For a Cove resident, David “DJ” Merriman Jr. has endured the process of learning and has received numerous accolades and accomplishments that has enabled Merriman to succeed in school and prepare for the next chapter of his life.

Merriman has been rewarded with most artistic and best role model, while attending The Arkansas School for the Deaf in Little Rock.

Merriman also excelled in the athletic world too. Playing football, basketball and track at the school. Even being selected as the Homecoming King during football season this past year.

Living in two places wasn’t as bad it may seem for Merriman. Unless he had a ballgame on that Friday night or on a Saturday, he often would travel back to Cove for the weekends. Enjoying opportunities and family time as much as possible.

He is the son of David and Tammy Merriman of Cove and was a top student at The Arkansas School for the Deaf, having graduated on May 15th.

Merriman also received awards on the national level, having attained 2nd Team – All American honors from The National Deaf Interscholastic Athletic Association in 2018. Deaf Digest’ 2nd Team All American honors in 2018, 8 Man Football. In 2018, Merriman received an award for Outstanding Role Player, while a basketball player at ASD.

No student should ever feel that they can’t do something, because of a disability or a setback in life. David Merriman is definite proof of that.

Even living in a small town in rural Western Arkansas is unexcused as well. Never set small goals, always reach for the stars and do your best. Leave nothing on the table.

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