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Local Club Supports Beads of Courage Organization


Rebecca Romine, secretary of the Happiness Extension Homemaker’s Club of Hatfield, shared an upcoming Christmas craft, ‘Beads of Courage Collection Bags,’ for an Arizona-based organization for children dealing with extreme sickness or heath problems. A child is given a bead for each medical procedure they are subjected to. Homemade collection bags are gifts made by volunteers for the child to collect their beads in.

Romine, a talented crafter, not only shares these gift bags for the needs of children, she is also talented in quilt making, crocheting, knitting, and other areas, which she shares with the EHC club.

She makes and ships the Beads of Courage bags to the organization as gifts to the children. Information on the Beads of Courage program can be found online and interested persons are welcome to volunteer to contribute to the program through the EHC club. The club consists of men and women who share their many talents. Information for joining one of the local EHC clubs can be found by calling 479-394-6018.


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