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Local Insurance Policy Held for More Than Five Decades


George Davis is a familiar face in the land of insurance, and has been so for more than five decades. Although it’s not uncommon these days to hear of someone having the same job for decades, it’s a little more unusual to find someone who has carried the same insurance policy for more than sixty years. Such is the case with Thomas Earheart of Mena.

Earheart has held a policy with State Farm Insurance since October 1, 1954, starting with Mena’s first State Farm Agent, Harvey Long. Earheart’s original policy was purchased sixty-one years ago for a 1948 Pontiac Coupe that was bought new at Philpot Motor Company in Mena. The cost of the Coupe was $2,300, a mighty amount back then, and the policy was a $6 membership fee with an $11.60 premium for six months worth of coverage.

Although Earheart has owned several vehicles since he first opened his policy, he still purchases his insurance from Davis, who moved to Mena from California and took over the agency after Long’s passing in 1973. “This is the first insurance policy that I took and I’ve had it all these years. The premium is a little higher now,” smiled Earheart.

Davis said, “We have a lot of people that have held policies for many years. We had Mrs. Kelly just a few months back that has been with us for more than 50 years. Mr. Earheart has been a good policy holder and we’ve taken good care of him. Our clients are like family to us.”

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