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Local Photographer Shoots Blood Moon

SPECIAL TO THE PULSE BY MICHAEL CATE – The first of four blood moons to appear in the night sky in coming months was not only an unusual occurrence but also included another rare alignment of celestial interest.   Tuesday’s lunar eclipse also included the best view of Mars in recent years as the Sun, Earth, Moon and Mars were all in alignment.

While most months, the moon appears just below or above the Earth’s shadow, this full moon cycle, it hit a bullseye for us to enjoy.  The red color produced in a blood moon is caused by sunlight passing through the earth’s atmosphere creating a ring of light.  According to Discover Magazine, the light is literally every sunset on Earth at that moment seen all at once.

Due to lingering cloud cover near Mena, this photo was made shortly after the moon began to slip out of Earth’s shadow to reveal a significant contrast.   Even while the moon was in full eclipse, it was still visible due to Earth’s atmospheric glow which scatters the light to create a soft diffused effect tinted by the color of suspended dust particles around the globe.

Look closely and you’ll notice Mars right below the moon.


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