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Louise Durham Selects Super Students

Louise Durham Super Students for the week of October 3rd through 7th are: Avery Hunter, Daxx Chambers, Audrina Dominguez, Cory Kirkendoll, Kaiden Walls, Jordan Busby, Aiden Everitt, Aiden Sandoval, Austin Smith,Wyatt Kincaid, Katie Jo Hughes, Ryan Walston, Brody McCauley, Madox Plunkett, Asher Cook, Kaycee Harris, Mason McQuade, Paisley Jobe, Finleigh Robertson, Hannah Hicks, Zoie Horn, Makayla Maechler, Keaton Tomblin, Acelynn Butterfield, Brookelyn Julian, Chloe Buck, Destiny Thoma, Jazlyn Patterson, Hadassah Torres, Samuel Jobe, Luke Richardson, Alex Sandoval, Halia Peterson, Serenity May

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