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After growing up in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Justin Ludwig joined the United States Navy where he served nine years, four in active duty and five in the reserve, as an aviation structural mechanic, working on airframes, flight controls and paint corrosion. Not long after leaving active duty, Ludwig went to work with his father for a drilling company.  “We worked for a week straight, 12 hour days, and then we would take a week off. During our down time I started doing trim work on the side.  My best friend was in construction and I would help him,” explained Ludwig.

In 2008, Ludwig joined the Army National Guard Unit out of McAlester, Oklahoma, where he continues to serve as a Lieutenant to this day.  That same year, Ludwig started Ludwig Cabinets and Trim.  “I started working full time in 2008 when my aviation unit closed after Hurricane Katrina.  I build custom cabinets and trim packages.  One of the differences between me and what I’ve seen from the other guys is that I use a program that allows me to render photos of cabinets before they are bought.  This allows my customer to see the cabinets and make changes and create a completely custom cabinet.  My customers are very satisfied and it takes a lot of the pressure off of me,” said Ludwig.

After beginning his business in Tahlequah, Ludwig moved to Mena in July of 2012.  “My wife, Amy, is from Hatfield, she works as the Director of Budget Analysis and Human Resources for Rich Mountain Community College.  She is the most rational and level headed person I’ve ever met.  We’ve been together for five years, and I’ve been gone for two and a half of that combined, for the service, and we’ve never had an argument.  She definitely helps me want less and be more conservative, which is great in my personal life and in my business,” explained Ludwig.  The couple is expecting their first child together in November of this year.  Additionally, Ludwig has two children, a 12 year old daughter named Logan and an 11 year old son named Ayden.

“I really enjoy what I do.  The rewards are tangible when building cabinets.  I get to see the end product of everything I put my work into.  I have always liked working with my hands and I enjoy doing something different and custom every time.  I’m not a big fan of cookie cutter,” explained Ludwig.

You can reach Ludwig Cabinets and Trim by calling 918.931.0007 or by emailing  Ludwig also has a Facebook page found at where he displays photos of his work.

“Polk County is a great place.  I love the country, we live on twenty acres and it’s so private and being an outdoors person, it’s perfect.  I still do a lot of work in my hometown in Oklahoma but with our baby on the way, I’m looking forward to working more in Polk County,” Ludwig explained.

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