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Seated from left: David Frachiseur, Grannis; Royce Lee Pate, Umpire Standing from left: Janice Kelley, Vandervoort; Faith Lynch, Wickes.

Map Published of Historic Cossatot River School District

The GPS Research Group of Historic Cossatot River School District (CRSD) announces the arrival of a map they have created and published.

The group consists of Faith Lynch of Wickes, Janice Kelley of Vandervoort, David Frachiseur of Grannis and Royce Lee Pate of Umpire.

The present day CRSD is located in south Polk County and runs a few miles north of Cove where it borders the Mena School District; and in North Howard County south approximately to the Saline River area and Three Chutes area on the Cossatot River where it joins the Dierks School District. CRSD lies inside nine miles of north Sevier County. It runs west to the Oklahoma line and east to the Pike County line. CRSD includes the towns of Grannis, Wickes, Vandervoort, Cove, and Umpire.

Group members located the Global Positions (longitude and latitude) of 104 schools, 60 cemeteries and 34 post offices. The map includes the history of the 104 schools.

The GPS Research Group is grateful for the financial assistance of Ed Stevenson of Mena, native of Cove, Chairman of the Board of Union Bank; North Howard County Historical Society; Polk County Genealogical Society; Delta Kappa Gamma Education Foundation of Howard County; Winona McCauley Davis Brewer, Wickes.

Creating this map would not have been possible without the following organizations and publications: United States National Archives; Arkansas History Commission; Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives; “Unfinished History of North Howard County” (Naida Tyndal, editor); Mena Star publication of “The History of Polk County”; Nashville News publication of “The History of Howard County”; Polk County Historical Society’s 1963 publication of Polk County Schools.

We would like to give special recognition to Robert Frachiseur Youngblood for her technical assistance; Mr. Charles McConnell, Umpire School Superintendent, retired; Mr. Bill Blackwood, DeQueen School Superintendent, retired; Mr. Lendall Martin, Cossatot River School Superintendent. 

We have the deepest gratitude to these individuals for their contribution to this project in POLK COUNTY: Kittie L. Hughes*, R.S. Dagenhart*, Rena Frachiseur*, Lester Sims*, Mac and Delia Towery*, Iris Stemple Hamby*, Edith Kinney*, Frank A. Lee*, Grace Hamby*, Myrtle Stevens Thomas*, Johnny Stevens, Billy Hedge, Bud Ashcraft, Sara Bingham*, John Willard Hill, Pat Hill Stewart, Lamar Martin, Abe Frachiseur, Max Duggan, Rowena Morris, Floyd Morris, Jeff Hunter, Red Barrett, Raymond Richardson, Zack Frachiseur, David Frady, Alvin Baker, Jimmie Don Wilcher, Janet Walker, Oneida Fain, Jerry Johnson, Steve Bradley, Bruce Wheeler, J. C. McMellon, Aleta Peebles, Andy Watkins, Gray Watkins, Opal Sanders, Buck Cureton, Helen Fortner, Archie Stewart, Novella Manasco, James Gibbons, Dood Baker

*indicates person who wrote or spoke for publications about local history

We have the deepest gratitude to these individuals for their contribution to this project in HOWARD COUNTY: Naida Tyndall*, Zelpha Allison*, Leda Boswell, Marvin Hill, T.L. Jackson*, Winnie Watkins*, Cecil Parsons*, Metta Davis Parsons*, Edwin Dildy*, Jo Whitmore Billings*, Elese Reese Miller*, Jesse Pendergrass*, Eula Carroll Tollett*, Charles McConnell, Jeanette McConnell, Scott Kitchens 

*indicates person who wrote or spoke for publications about local history

The maps are $3 each and will be widely available at banks, libraries, grocery stores, museums. Group members will be on site at decoration days, reunions, festivals, Wal-Mart and other retail stores. 

For those wanting more information and to order maps by mail, you can find us on Facebook or contact Faith Lynch at 870-385-7708; Janice Kelley at 870-387-7881; David Frachiseur at 870-385-7773; Royce Lee Pate at 870-583-7546. You can write Faith Lynch at 740 Highway 278E, Wickes, AR 71973 or or Janice Kelley at 982 Highway 246, Vandervoort, AR 71972. Postage will be $1.

The GPS Research Group is non-profit and all proceeds go for costs incurred including publication of the maps by Mapping Solutions of Missouri. 


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