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Margo Kimp Seeks Re-Election as Justice of the Peace District 4

I have been a Justice of the Peace for District 4 since January of 2005.  As a JP, my primary jobs are to approve, adjust, or reject budgets, and disburse funds.  The budget runs about  6.5 to 7.5 million dollars each year. We are mandated by law to only budget and spend 90% of new revenue generated. We cannot spend more money than we take in.  We have no deficit spending. The County lives within its means.   If our tax collections or sales tax are down, then we adjust/reduce our budgets accordingly.  My job is not to tell any Elected Official how to do his/her job.  They are answerable to you the voter.  I can talk to the elected official and voice your concerns on your behalf, and state my opinion on the matter, which I will be glad to do for you at any time.  By State Law the Quorum Court levies taxes, that you the voter have voted on.    The County has had good State Audits due to the diligence of our County Employees and Elected Officials. I will continue to work closely with County Officials and Employees to make our County the place so many people want to live in.

My roots run deep in Polk County.  Some of my Fried, Jackson, Owens, and Reed ancestors settled in Big Fork about 1848, Ink about 1850, and in the Acorn and Owens Chapel communities about 1855.  My husband Bill and I graduated from Acorn High School.  Bill joined the Navy in 1969 during the Vietnam War. We moved from coast to coast during that nine years.  We moved back to Polk County in 1978, because we wanted to raise our children, Michelle and Wes, in the county that we love so much. Now,  I have four grandchildren growing up in this wonderful  County.

Margarett “Margo” Kimp  for Justice of the Peace District 4.


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