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Mena Athletic/Extra Curricular General Guidelines for Re-Entry Per the Governor’s Directive, Arkansas Dept of Health and AAA Guidelines

Starting June 8th:

– All activity is strictly voluntary. The number one priority will be safety for all of our students and staff. Any student athlete that chooses to miss because they do not feel comfortable with the current Covid-19 situation will not be reprimanded in any way.

– Minimum Distance of 6 ft between participants at all times regardless of activity.

– All coaches, staff and athletes will be screened prior to any activity. They will be excluded from any activities if they answer yes to the following:

Have you had fever of 100.4 or greater in the last 2 days?

Do you have cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat or loss of taste and smell?

Have you had contact with a person known to have Covid-19 within the previous 14 days?

– All coaches, staff and student athletes will have their temp checked by a digital thermometer prior to entry. Those whose temp are higher than 100.4 will be excluded.

– Face coverings are required for athletes when they are not actively participating in activity. Athletes will be expected to provide their own face covering (covering nose and mouth). If a student does not have a face covering, they will not be permitted.

– All doors that can be propped open, will be.

– Coaches must wear face covering at ALL times (covering nose and mouth)

– All showers and locker rooms will be off limits.

– Alcohol based hand sanitizer and adequate handwashing facilities will be readily available.

– All equipment will be sanitized during/after each session (by coaches).

– Avoid non-sport related touch at all times (huddles, high fives, hand shaking, fist bumping, chest bumping, etc.)

– For training held indoors, the facility will follow the directives for gym, fitness center, athletic club and weight room (including gyms and weight rooms)

– All weight room equipment must be sanitized after each use and there must be a 12ft space between each person when exercising.

– Conditioning and training can occur as long as there is a 12 ft distance between each participant during any activity, 6 ft distance during no activity.

– Athletes will provide their own water. No use of water fountains will be permitted.

– Athletes will come dressed and ready to go. No changing area or locker rooms will be available.

– Band/Cheer may practice as long as they maintain 6 ft distance, 12 ft when actively participating. Wind instruments are not permitted at this time. Staff must wear mask at all times.

– No team meals or food.

– Restroom usage will be scheduled and all restrooms will be disinfected regularly.

– Transitions between groups will be limited to avoid any type of close contact and will be coach supervised.

– All athletes must have physical on file. If they are incoming 7th graders, they must have physical to participate. Physicals are currently good for 12-15 months.

Coaches will be reaching out to the players/parents to let them know their group assignments and answer any questions about when/where to report. Workouts will resume on June 10th.

Arrival/Pickup procedures:

Boy athletes will enter through the bus loop in their vehicle to be screened. Once they finish the screening, boys will be led to a waiting area behind the fieldhouse. Please have the athlete there at least 10 minutes before their designated start time. Any student drivers will be screened in their vehicle and then park behind the Senior High Fieldhouse.

Girl Athletes will enter through the HS parking lot towards the baseball/softball fields to be screened in their vehicle and then led to a waiting area. Please have the athlete there at least 10 minutes before their designated start time. Any student driers will be screened in their vehicle and then park in the HS parking lot.

For pickup, female athletes will have. Designated waiting area the high school parking lot. Male athletes will have a designated waiting area behind the Senior High Fieldhouse.

It is very important that students arrive on time and leave on time. There will be no congregating before, during or after workouts. Prompt arrival and departure is necessary to achieve this goal. If a student is late, they will not be permitted to join on that day.

At this time, the facilities are only to occupied by students and staff. Any guardian who wishes to stay during their athlete’s workout, must stay in their vehicle. Guardians of male athletes can park in front of the football field. Guardians of female athletes can par in the high school parking lot.

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