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Mena Public School’s RAVE Test

Faculty and staff at Mena Public Schools tested their RAVE Mobile Safety App on Wednesday, November 25th and all involved agencies including Mena City Police, Polk County Sheriff, 911 Dispatch, Rave Mobile Safety, Office of Emergency Services, and Mena Public School officials “were very pleased with how the 911 smart app worked,” according to Paulette Sherrer, federal coordinator for the Mena District.

Rave Guardian is a Campus Safety Mobile App backed by a hosted, Software-as-a-Service platform. Profile data for faculty, staff, and students is stored privately and securely within Rave’s databases. With Rave Guardian, profiles are shared only when a member calls campus safety, or allows a previously set Safety Timer to expire. Caller identity is immediately known so that Campus Safety can take action, even if the caller cannot speak.

Any student can download the Rave Guardian mobile app and create a profile, providing Rave Guardian with their vital information. The student’s profile data and location displays when Campus Safety is called or a Safety Timer expires. Whenever students, faculty, or staff connect with Campus Safety from their mobile phone, the Rave Guardian Campus Safety App automatically delivers a complete caller profile, including current location, medical conditions, course schedule, addresses, campus ID photo, and other critical data.

Sherrer added, “Continual improvements and trial tests will be made to ensure the safest environment for our students, staff, and community.  Mena Public Schools wishes to thank all agencies and people involved in this RAVE Panic 911 smart app test.”


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