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Mena Selected as Site for KCS Historical Society’s 2014 Annual Convention


The KCS Historical Society (KCSHS) has announced Mena as the site for their 2014 annual convention to be held the same weekend as the Lum & Abner Festival. Their conference will be a 3-day event, June 6, 7, 8.

The Society’s mission is preserving the history of Kansas City Southern (KCS). The groups’ website also says, “We are also a group of KCS rail fans following the growth and development of one of the few railroads that has not succumbed to mega-mergers.”

The KCSHS is not an official representative of any part of Kansas City Southern or its affiliates but according to local KCSHS member and train enthusiast, Albert J. Pfeiffer, Jr., “However, we can frequently help people find historical information and resources about the KCS Railway and its affiliates. We do enjoy a solid working relationship with KCS.”

Pfeiffer said that approximately 70 members and their guests/spouses are expected. During the conference, other visits to neighboring communities on the KCS railway are scheduled including Poteau and Wilburton.

Pfeiffer said it had been 12 years since the convention had been held in Mena. “Mena is a good midway point so we expect a very good turnout this year.”

Pfeiffer said if there were any former KCS employees who would like to participate in the convention, they are more than welcome. Membership to KCSHS is open to all railway/train enthusiasts. For more information, contact Pfeiffer at 386-562-6415 or visit