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MHS Students Participate in General Mock Election


Mena High School participated in the National Mock Election on October 31st and November 1st. Student’s acted as the clerks, bailiffs, and observers, instructing other students in the process of voting.

Students went through two checkpoints, showing a picture ID at both and providing a signature at the 2nd one. They were shown to the Library Media Center, where they would login to the computers and click on the icon that lead to the election ballot.

Students then cast their vote for President, Senate, Congress District 04, State Representative District 20, Circuit Clerk, Unopposed Candidates, and Issue numbers 1,2,3,6,7. 270 students out of approximately 523 voted. History teachers (Thomas Powell, Trent Wilson, Julie Gordon, Brad Lyle, and Annita Hendrix) taught the voting processes and the things that contribute to voting. Other people that contributed to the mock election are: Celeste Ashcraft, Cathey Burger, Terri Harrison, Tyra Hobson, and Scott Sawyer.

Results for the Presidential vote:

Donald J. Trump, with 205 votes, 75.9%. Hillary Clinton, with 32 votes, 11.9%. Gary Johnson, with 17 votes, 6.3%. Jim Stein, with 7 votes, 2.6%. Darrell L. Castle and Evan McMullin, with 3 votes each, 1.1%. Lynn S. Kahn, with 2 votes, 0.7%. Jim Hedges, with 1 vote, 0.4%.

Results for U.S. Senate:

Senator John Boozman, with 196 votes, 72.6%. Connor Eldrige, with 45 votes, 16.7%. Frank Gilbert, with 26 votes, 9.6%. There were 3 write-in votes, 1.1%.

Results for U.S. Congress District 04:

Congressman Bruce Westerman, with 208 votes, 77%. Kerry Hicks, with 62 votes, 23%.

Results for State Representative District 20:

John Maddox, with 241 votes, 89.3%. Henry T. Neilson, with 29 votes, 10.7%.

Results for Circuit Clerk:

Michelle Heath Schnell, with 270 votes, 100%.

Issue Number 1 (Terms, Election, and Eligibility of Elected Officials):

207 votes For (76.7%) and 63 Against (23.3%).

Issue Number 2 (Governor Retains Power When Out of State):

203 votes For (75.2%) and 67 Against (24.8%).

Issue Number 3 (Job Creation, Job Expansion, and Economic Development):

217 votes For (80.4%) and 53 Against (19.6%).

Issue Number 6 (Medical Marijuana Amendment):

164 votes For (60.7%) and 106 Against (39.3%).

Issue Number 7 (Medical Cannabis Act):

156 votes For (57.8%) and 114 Against (42.2%).

Issue Number 7 was officially struck from the ballot on October 27, but was not taken off the mock election ballot.

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