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Moon Feather’s Mountain Journal: Approach with Intention

By Moon Feather

This past Christmas, I traveled to Northeast Oklahoma to visit some family for the holiday. It is so beautiful there with the layers of rolling hills adorned with wild horses, hawks, eagles and neighboring bison at a wildlife park and museum. Growing up around horses my whole life, it is easy to fall in love with that area. My dad has horses, so it’s always a guarantee that I’ll get some equine loving and catch up on some riding. However, to encounter herds of wild mustangs is quite the unforgettable memory. 

You can often spot herds of mustangs from my dad’s property. A large (I mean, huge) ranch hosts several herds of mustangs from the Bureau of Land Management. They weave in and out of the hills, showcasing themselves on the sunny tops and staying hidden and protected in the valleys and crevices. Although it isn’t uncommon to see them, it is  uncommon to get very close or have them approach you. 

On Christmas morning of 2020 my step-mom and I loaded up in the truck with cameras in tow, in hopes of finding a herd close enough to the fence that we could get some good photos. Blessed with a sunny day, we were lucky to find multiple herds sun-bathing for breakfast. We stopped once and as predicted,  the herd ran away out of camera distance. Back in the truck we went further down the road and found another herd. This group didn’t even let us get out of the truck, they disappeared as soon as they realized they were a spectacle. Happy to see them but frustrated because I haven’t gotten THE shot yet, I decided to re-center myself and focus my energy and intentions on a beautiful experience.  

Topping a hill, I saw a good size herd several hundred yards away. I asked my my step-mom to stop the truck and I would walk down to approach them in hopes they wouldn’t spook before I could get too close, but I could at least start photographing from a distance as I gained proximity. I spoke softly as I approached, appreciating their beauty and history and power, stopping to snap a photo every few yards. To my surprise, they did not spook and run. Rather, the entire herd advanced toward me, capturing my full attention. 

In awe at the power of the attention from the numerous mustang souls, I stepped up to the fence and shot a couple of photos, often lowering my camera to admire the ‘stangs with my own eyes and energy. In my slight disappointment, the group began to lose interest and turned in sync to walk away. Thankful for the moment I did have, I softly expressed my gratitude and love with a smile on my face. Then in a gust of magical change of the wind, the whole herd turned around and walked towards me at the fence.  A stallion, appearing to be one of the herd leaders, broke from the group and curiously came to the fence where I was standing with my hand outstretched, stopping only inches away before being spooked by a couple other quarreling horses. The herd backed away but stayed close as my step-mother joined me while we admired them and took some photos. 

Rare and beautiful experiences and things will be attracted to you when you appreciate and approach with loving intentions.  That was what I learned in that moment. And ever since then, opportunities and provision have been appearing throughout different areas of my life. Living each moment of each with clear and loving intentions is one of the ways to begin seeing more beauty and manifestation in our lives. 

When I began my yoga practice four months ago, one of the first things I learned was to set my intentions for my morning practice and the rest of my day. Before I even begin stretching in the morning, I take a moment to sit in good posture, take some deep breath to get my body woke with oxygen and energy and I meditate on loving myself, being grateful and loving others. If there is a certain goal I want to accomplish, I meditate on envisioning the completion of that goal. 

I used to be intimidated by meditating. I thought only monks and real yogis could truly meditate. I thought it would take deep humming and fancy gongs, which aren’t necessarily bad tools, but they  are not necessary to achieve clarity and peace of mind. All you need is a quiet space where you can feel open and safe. I often choose my living room floor in front of the window so I can watch the sun rise and the birds play. Other times I take my mat to the back porch where I can hear the creek flowing to the right, the birds singing to the left and feel the cool mountain breeze sweeping across my face and dancing around my balanced body. 

Once you’re in a quiet place, sit properly either on your knees or cross-legged with your back straight and core centered. Close your eyes and absorb your surroundings through sound, smell and feel. Take note of what you sense. Take some deep breaths, inhaling deep through your nose counting to four and constricted exhale through your mouth counting to four. Keep your steady breathing pattern and posture as you clear your mind of the worries and plans for tonight’s dinner. Focus on your positive intentions for the moment and day and express your gratitude. If you’re on a time schedule, I recommend setting a timer so that you do not exceed your time and start to rush, but also so that you focus on your meditating instead of how much time you have been quiet and how much time you have left. 

This simple practice can be done anytime of the day, even intermittently through the day perhaps before addressing someone or something that has you feeling anxious, confused, sad or angry. However, I find mornings the best as it sets the tone and energy for the duration of the day. Five minutes, 15 minutes or an hour, there is no right or wrong length of time – just doing it and starting will bring you a feeling of accomplishment and newness. It takes 60 to 90 days to correct/establish a habit, so don’t give up. 

Take the time to begin your journey to self-awareness and health  by utilizing the simple, yet powerful, practice of setting loving and positive intentions for how you approach your life. Remember to be grateful and appreciative and express you feelings as such to those around you including your loved ones and the earth that you walk on, air you breathe, food you eat and clean water you drink. You will discover over time that your sense of happiness and peace will be more amplified and radiating from within you as you manifest rare and beautiful things and experiences in your life. 

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