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Nicked Water Line Causing Two-Hour Break in Service


A busted water line in Mena had businesses and residences out of water for a couple of hours on Thursday, December 8. Klaasmeyer Construction of Conway, Ark. are in town installing fiber optic lines for an unknown company and ‘nicked’ an adjacent water line.

According to Charles Pitman, manager of Mena Water Utilities, this isn’t the first time it has happened, but is just part of the process when working in such close proximity to other utility lines. “It’s a normal occurrence. They have to stay in the easement, and its unfortunate, but there are a lot of utilities underground that people don’t realize are there,” Pitman explained.

The break, on the corner of 1st Street and Martin, caused an approximate two-block shut off in water services while the line was repaired. It took around two hours before services could be restored.

“This crew works in the area a lot and it’s a normal, unfortunate occurrence, but it happens. The most memorable is when it happened in front of Dollar General and water was ‘rooster tailing’ out into the highway.” Pitman said he appreciates customers’ patience when problems like this arise and thanks his crew for their quick response.


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