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Obama, The Supreme Court, And The Second Amendment


In just six short years our president has changed the Constitutional landscape of America. Thought police monitor our every utterance, making absolutely certain particular segments of our national community are never offended (at the cost of freedom of expression, inherent preferential license, and the privilege of choice). In the interim we have bared our nation’s jugular to enemies sworn to our demise, all in the name of preferential license, the privilege of free speech, and the promotion of a homogenous society. (Does anyone else see the moral, discriminatory, and national security contradictions here?) President Obama continues to attack Constitutional windmills in America, but most of all, our fearless leader has forged myopically ahead toward his most revered goal – the destruction of the Second Amendment.

Last week our liberal stacked Supreme Court decided not to hear the pending case regarding whether Americans have a constitutional right to be armed in public. In a long-awaited announcement, the Court refused to deal with Drake v. Jerejian, which challenged the constitutionality of New Jersey’s arbitrary and infinitely complicated regulations governing the right to carry handguns for purposes of self-defense. Instead the high court let stand a lower court ruling, upholding a New Jersey requirement for gun owners to show an urgent need to carry a handgun outside their home for self-defense. The New Jersey statute requires that both a police official and a judge must approve the permits before the process for a license even begins.

The law was challenged by four individuals and two gun groups, which carried the support of 19 states.

What we are left with after this refusal of the Supreme Court to do its job, is an amendment that will be based on the subjective discretion of government officials. It could be just me, but it appears that when you settle for a level of subjective judiciousness in determining whether you can exercise a constitutional right, you are actually denying that constitutional privilege. But we all know that Mr. Obama considers the Second Amendment to be the red-haired stepchild of the Constitution.

In a real world, in the America that has existed for over 300 years, Congress would intervene here, cutting Federal funds to states like New Jersey and New York until they agreed to act constitutionally and repeal their ridiculous gun registration processes, and weapon bans. But this is not the real world anymore – this is Obamaland.

The U.S. Supreme Court has not heard a single Second Amendment case since the beginning of Obama’s reign, issuing its landmark gun rights rulings in District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) and McDonald v. Chicago (2010).

In a recent interview with Damon Root and, Alan Gura, the attorney who brought this case to the Supreme Court, said, “We’ve seen courts rubberstamp just about any kind of law that violates the Second Amendment. Unless the Supreme Court decides to enforce its pronouncements, the Second Amendment will apply only to the extent that some lower courts are willing to honor Supreme Court precedent. Americans are not required to justify their need to exercise a fundamental right. If the government can force you to provide a reason to exercise your right, then it’s no longer a right.”

There is no question now, that pernicious, politically oriented rubber-stamping will become the new lawmaking process for the Second Amendment in the land of the semi-free.

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