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OLT Names Cast of ‘Murder in the Magnolias’


Tim Hesse, Ouachita Little Theatre (OLT) president, and director of the first play of 2014 at the OLT, Murder in the Magnolias, has named his cast. This murder mystery/parody of Southern plays and movies, by prolific playwright Tim Kelly will be performed both at its traditional location, the auditorium at the OLT, over three weekends, but also on Valentine’s Day, February 14, at Mena Mountain Resort as a part of Dinner Theater. The Mena Mountain Resort Dinner Theater will feature both the play and dinner for $30 per person, available only by reservation, by calling Mena Mountain Resort at (479) 394 -3110. The play will run at the OLT on February 15-16, February 21–23, and February 28–March 2. Tickets for the performances at the OLT, will be $8, $5 for students, and seniors, 60 and over.

For the first time the production of this play will be a combination of the actual performance, and a workshop. So, while the actual cast only contains 12 characters, in reality there are nearly 40 actors involved. This program gives a lot more than just a few actors the chance to study how plays are put together, and actually practice parts, onstage, for which they may, or may not have an actual opportunity to perform live in front of an audience.

Many of the 12 parts have “co-actors,” who will share in the nine performances. In addition to the individual actors and co-actors, there is a whole cadre of understudies, some of which will also have a chance to appear in some of the performances.

Individual actors include regular OLT stars like Mae Block as Amanda Chickenwing, Scotty Jenkins as Sheriff Billy Billy Jerk, Mike Martin as Lawyer Possum, and Jefferson Smith, as Pete Bogg. Parts that have co-actors, including Colonel Rance Chickenwing, Princess Lotta Kargo, Jezebel, Bubba Kamrowski, Blanche Du Blank, Lorraine Carruthers, and Voodoo Woman, include Louis Brooks, Sandy Brooks, Phyllis Bell, Heather Sickles, Billy Clark, Denni Collins, Ann Glenn, Austin Kain, Chris Kuskie, Jennifer McPherson, Melanie Buck, La Donna Van Wolf, Ian Zeider, and Jeanmarie Zirger.

Murder in the Magnolias has been in rehearsal for two weeks, already. For more information call the OLT Info Line at (479) 243-0186, or visit the OLT website,