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OLT to Host Free Seniors Appreciation Show


The Ouachita Little Theatre (OLT), at 610 Mena St. is hosting a showcase performance for the community that particularly focuses on entertainment that will be appreciated by seniors, 60 and over, on Friday, November 15, at 7:30 PM, and they can attend for free. The admission price for anyone under 60 is $5.00. Advance reservations can be made, by calling the OLT Info Line at (479) 243-0186.

The show will include two performances by the Olde Lyric Players, the OLT’s ”Reader’s Theater,” a recently formed group that provides seniors the opportunity to act without having to memorize lines. There will also be a very entertaining dance to the music from Star Wars Cantina, by Tribal Faction, three young regular OLT actresses, and a little preview scene from this year’s Junior OLT (JOLT) Christmas show.

Featured in the show will be the Hot Springs-based folk/pop singer who is very popular with the Polk County Seniors community, Laura Lee Williard.  She performed briefly at the Senior Center, as well as at American Artisans Eatery & Gallery, the Polk County Fair, and provided a full live concert at the OLT, in August, for an audience that contained many delighted seniors. Accompanied by her regular, Mena-based percussionist, OLT Communications Director, Larry Block, she will present the songs of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, EmmyLou Harris, and other well-known folk/pop singers.

“We very much appreciate the support we get from the seniors community here,“ commented Tim Hesse, OLT President. “By putting together this show, which is focused on entertaining and ‘giving back’ to them, we also want to let them know how much we would like them to participate in our free readers theater program, which is targeted at providing an activity for the older citizens of Polk County. It is primarily a daytime/weekend activity, except for performances, that anyone is welcome to join. We hope this free show on Friday evening will encourage them to get involved with their local theater, the OLT,” he went on to say.

For more information about this show on Friday, November 15, or anything else about the OLT, please visit the OLT Website,, or call the OLT Info Line at (479) 243-0186.