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Open house for Broken Bow Lake master plan revision, Broken Bow Lake, Mountain Fork Watershed-McCurtain County, Oklahoma

Initial comment period public notice

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Tulsa District hosted an Open House on May
23, 2022 at the Kiamichi Technology Center in Idabel, Okla. to provide information about the
Broken Bow Lake Master Plan revision content and process. This public Open House initiated a
30-day public comment period for the Broken Bow Lake Master Plan revision that will be open
through June 23, 2022, during which the public can submit comments, suggestions, and
concerns. At this time, no changes or updates have been made to the existing Master Plan.

After the comment period closes, comments will be reviewed and considered during the draft writing
phase of the Master Plan process. An additional Open House will be held in May 2023 to present
the proposed draft document at which time an additional 30 day comment period will be active.

The current Master plan was last approved in 1979 and needs revision to address changes
in regional land use, population, outdoor recreation trends, and the USACE management policy.
The USACE defines a Master Plan as the strategic land use management document that guides
the comprehensive management and development of all recreational, natural, and cultural
resources throughout the life of the water resource development project. It defines how the
resources will be managed for public use and resource conservation. The Master Plan study area
includes Broken Bow Lake proper and all adjacent recreational and natural resources properties
in USACE fee-owned property and not adjacent private land.

The revision of the Master Plan does not address in detail the technical or operational
aspects of the lake related to flood risk management, the water conservation missions of the
project, or the shoreline management program which specifies what private uses are permitted
along the shoreline. Any proposals for future recreation development are reviewed under a
separate policy titled “Recreation Development Policy for Outgranted Corps Lands” ER 1130-2-
550 and are not part of the Master Plan revision.

Public participation is critical to the successful revision of the Master Plan. Information
provided at the Open House, including the existing Master Plan, may be viewed on the Tulsa
District website at the following link
Comments can be submitted in writing to

Shae Harrison, Broken Bow Lake Manager

P.O. Box 99

Sawyer, Oklahoma 74756


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