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Ouachita Little Theatre to Host Benefit for David Hoffpauir


On Friday, January 8 starting at 7:30 p.m., a program benefiting David Hoffpauir will be held at the Ouachita Little Theatre.  Admission will be a $10 donation toward David’s medical bills.  David and his wife, Connie Gatling, have performed as Gatling and Hoffpauir for years.  Recently they have been joined by Dr. B (Dr. Ron Beckel) and changed the name of their group to Blue Dawg.  Patrons of the Branding Iron will be familiar with their Thursday evening shows at the restaurant.  David and Connie have performed for over 17 years evoking comments like, “Gatling and Hoffpauir bring their unique talents as songwriters, acoustic guitarists, and vocalists to each show. Their dynamically charged performance is the experience of this lifetime!” from music critics.  As Blue Dawg they have also provided volunteer shows at RMCC and at an OLT benefit for Roi Best.

David has developed a serious nerve condition, which precludes him from playing the guitar.  In fact, it is even difficult for him to move.  It is hoped that an operation will alleviate the problem.  The Texarkana hospital offering the surgery is requiring payment up front, and without insurance they have to raise the money themselves.

It is the hope of their friends at the OLT and in the community that there will be a good turnout for the show.  Fellow musicians Logan Lind and Richy Owens will be on hand to help Connie and Dr. B with the show.  The entire community is invited to join together at the OLT for a great family show, which will be both entertaining and a big help to David Hoffpauir.

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