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Phyllis Bell Speaks to Acorn FACS Classes

Using a personally designed, interactive style presentation entitled “Your Choices Determine Your Life’s Path of Travel,” Phyllis Bell recently spent an afternoon with three Acorn High FACS Classes.  She engaged and challenged the students to seek their most passionate dreams, state them as goals, make choices based upon these priorities and let nothing stop them from reaching their fullest potentials.  Mrs. Bell enlisted the assistance of her talented friend, Ruby Kay Manis, to assemble costume components representing various careers that they “assigned” to the students.  After sending them to tables to pick up their “baggage” containing professional attire for careers the students had no choice in selecting, they were instructed to dress the part and share their occupations with their classmates.  The wide range of “careers” included: oceanographer, convicted felon, mother, veterinarian, swimmer, sailor, nightclub entertainer, naturalist  and numerous others.  Students discussed how it felt to have no voice in the assigned careers, and then Mrs. Bell explained that in reality, they do indeed have a voice and proceeded to share her personal story of challenges and adversity in her youth. Her illustrations were designed to help them understand that they can take their environment or situation and CHOOSE to make the best of it!  Gift bags containing brightly colored index cards were distributed to each student and then they were asked to spend a few minutes reflecting and writing things on their cards that they avidly want to do, see or accomplish during their lifetimes.  Students were not required to share their list with anyone.  Mrs. Bell’s parting challenge was for students to carry the card with them, look at it daily and modify it as needed in order to achieve their passions.  She stated that she looks forward to hearing their success stories in the future.  As a substitution for their daily writing prompt, FACS teacher Annette Hays asked these students to write responses to Phyllis Bell’s presentation.  Among numerous positive statements from students was: “I LOVED Mrs. Bell’s talk.  She really made me think and showed me that if she can reach her dreams, I can, too!”

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