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Polk County Arraignment Report

The charges against those arrested are allegations and the cases are still pending in the courts. Individuals charged and whose names appear in this column may submit documentation to us at a later date that the charges have been dismissed or that they have been found innocent and we will include that information in this space in a timely manner.


White / Male / DOB: 6/23/1997

Date of Offense:  June 9, 2019

Count #1: POSSESSION OF DRUG PARAPHANALIA did possess with the purpose to use the drug paraphanalia to contain, store, pack, repack or conceal METHAMPHETAMINE. Class D Felony.

Count #2: POSSESSION OF A SCHEDULE II CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE unlawfully possessed METHAMPHETAMINE, a ScheduleII Controlled Substance, in an amount less than two Grams. Class D Felony.

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