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Polk County Fall Foliage is at Full Peak

ARKANSAS PARKS AND TOURISM – Due to the cold snap last week all over, foliage got quite a jump start as this spectacular picture taken by local photographer William Rainey demonstrates!  Most areas have seen dramatic changes between this week and last week’s report because of said cooler weather.  Most of Arkansas saw heavy showers October 30 and 31st and more are expected in some areas.  Stormy conditions can knock off the fragile leaves. Be sure to check out Arkansas Fall Foliage Updates for updated reports but here’s the latest as of October 31.

Things are changing really fast now!  The “Arkansas Pig Trail” and Highway 215 is full of color and the time to go is now!  The gum trees are displaying yellows, oranges and reds in a fantastic display.  The maples are showing lots of color.  Hickory and oak are showing bronze and reddish-brown.  Morgan Mtn. Road up to Spy Rock overlooking Mulberry Valley is very colorful.

Harrison reports that they are moments away from peak! Colors in the area are magnificent right now. All plants from smaller shrubs and vines to larger trees are in full glory. There is a full range of all colors from reds and maroons, yellows, bronzes, and golds and bright oranges to all shades in between.

Maplewood Cemetery is in full color and well worth the trip to see it. Bring your cameras. Trees in downtown Harrison are very colorful as well. The recent rain and wind has caused some trees to lose some leaves but most still remain to make a very colorful show.

Withrow Springs State Park reports that the Ozark Mountains are beautiful right now!  Could this be the best fall for foliage in the last five years?  Go check!

Maples at Confederate Cemetery in Fayetteville are irregular.  Some have a lot of color at the top, but others have barely started to turn.

Bella Vista has more color than last week.  HWY 71 along the ridge still has a lot of green, but there is a mix of red, orange, and yellow.  Bradford Pears are only just turning red at the top.

Devil’s Den State Park reports that they are at peak, and it will care over through the weekend.

The Yellow Rock Trail is the best place to see color.  Another great color view point would be the CCC Scenic Overlook on HWY 170.

Queen Wilhelmina reports that the color still looks good from the peak last week, but it won’t last much longer!

Hobbs State Park is at peak!  The forest is explosive with color! Even the oaks are putting on a beautiful display of reds and bronzes! Sumacs and dogwoods are brilliant reds. The maples and sassafras are a tie-dye of yellows, oranges, and reds! The hickories are golden! Don’t miss the most beautiful fall we have witnessed in years!

Bull Shoals – White River State Park is almost at peak with the sassafras, Dogwood, Black Gum, and Red Maple are all brilliant red.  The Hickory, sycamore and others are beautiful yellows.  Oaks are still green, but expected to be beautiful late changers.

Mount Magazine State Park and along HWY 309 maple and hickory are in various shades of yellow and red.  Sumacs and Black Gum are brilliant with red leaves, and Sweet Gum is displaying a vibrant display of many colors.

Jimmy Driftwood Parkway is a riot of color with yellow hickory; red sumac and elm; and orange gum, maple and oak.

Central/Ouachita Mountains Arkansas:

Little Rock has made a drastic change over the past week.  Color is now at 60%.  Peak for Little Rock is expected in 7 – 10 days.

The State Capitol trees on and around the ground are around 60% color.  There are prominent displays of yellow and red around the building and grounds.

The William J. Clinton Presidential Library has mixture of maples that are turning red and orange and the crepe myrtles are starting to change yellow and red.  The grounds are a lovely sight to see if you plan to visit the Library.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park is at 70% full color, and they expect to peak in 7 days!  The oaks are starting to change yellow and orange.  Sumac and Dogwood are red, and Sweet Gum has a stunning display of purple leaves

Conway reports to have 50-80% color in some areas. The dogwoods are almost all fully red. The hickory, gum and elm trees are turning yellow, between 50-100% turned by now, depending on how much sun they’ve been getting. The willow oaks are beginning to turn yellow slowly, as are the pin oaks. The red oaks and white oaks are a little bit behind.  Predicting peak in 7 days.

Petit Jean State Park has had a color explosion since last week with a lot of yellow, dark red, orange and still some greens.  Looking over the Cedar Creek Canyon you can see vibrant color thought out the landscape

Lake Ouachita State Park reports that hickories and oaks are yellow and orange.  Cherry trees, Dogwoods, and sumac are red.  Last week there were only touches of yellow, and now there is an intense yellow-orange covering the area!

The Fort Smith/Van Buren Welcome Center reports a significant color change in the past week.  A myriad of foliage color ranging from purple to orange.  Most hardwood trees in the area are showing a full range of color and the leaves are still intact.

Along I-40 in Central Arkansas, you can see Ash turning yellow and orange, and close to North Little Rock the maples are turning red and the Pin Oak are turning a bright orange.

Southern/Eastern Arkansas

Red River Welcome Center reports that the trees are still mainly green, but there is more yellow this week.  Going North on HWY 71 has red, orange, and yellow mixed in with the green, and you can see the red sumac and poison ivy.

Lake Greeson and Murfreesboro have more orange and red scattered along the lake.  Color overall is more prominent in this week around the Diamond Lakes.

Delta Heritage Trail State Park has 50% color intermixed with green.  The elms are yellow and the sumac and Virginia creepers are red.

Parkin Archeological State Park reports that there has been a big change in color in the past week.  Sweet gum and sassafras (1st changers) are turning a nice purple.  Ivy is starting to turn yellow, and Bald Cypress is turning to an orange brown.

Just south of the Ouachita Mountains at Cossatot River State Park and Natural Area, the Black Gums and the Sweet Gums are turning red.  Other trees, including maple, are turning yellow and orange in the area.

Corning Welcome Center reports that the cold snap rewarded Corning with spectacular color.  Maples are peaking now in red and yellow!  Other colors on display include oranges, fiery reds, and golden ochre.  This weekend’s showers will probably result in many of the trees losing their leaves.

Jacksonport State Park  started to see yellow-brown, and red in the Sugar Maple and Red Maple, but is concerned about losing leaves to heavy storms earlier this week

Lake Poinsett State Park located on Crowley’s Ridge just outside of Harrisburg is now seeing some very noticeable changes in leaf coloration in this area. Reports say a lot of yellows in a variety of shades, depending upon the type of tree. Many of the greens have turned a lighter shade of green and a variety of reds and browns are starting to show. This beautiful mixture of leaf coloration can all be seen while traveling the beautiful Scenic Hwy. 163.

Lake Village Welcome Center reports color from early changers like Sweet Gums are now burgundy and the sumac has a fiery display of color.


The Ozarks and parts of Northwest Arkansas are still peaking!  There are lots of places to see great foliage in these areas.

Central Arkansas and the Ouachitas are expecting to start peak foliage in 7 – 10 days in some areas.

Eastern and Southern Arkansas have started seeing some changes.  Peak is expected in mid-November.