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Postage Stamp Prices Drop in April


On April 10th, the price of stamps at the U. S. Postal Service will decrease for the first time in 97 years, moving from 49 cents each down to 47 cents. The decrease comes after an increase of three cents was approved in 2014 by Congress, contingent upon it only being a two-year increase. The increase in 2014 was to help build $4.6 billion in revenue for the organization that is in financial straits. Congress is allowing the postal service to keep one cent of the increase to keep up with inflation costs. The Postal Service is asking Congress to keep the entire increase due to a loss of $2 billion per year with the decrease. Standard mail, such as first-class letters and postcards, make up 76% of the Postal Service’s sales. Postcard stamp prices will drop by a penny to 34 cents, and international stamps will cost $1.15, down from $1.20.


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