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Reisig releases 11th book in Road to Key West series


Pulse founder, Michael Reisig’s new book, The Incredible Key West/Caribbean Race has toped category charts onAmazon and is being hailed as the best in the series.

Reisig’s latest effort, the 11th novel in his “Road to Key West” series, adventurers Kansas Stamps and Will Bell find themselves entangled in a strange competition that carries them across Central America and the Caribbean.

Elements include villains, hit men, biker gangs, beautiful women, mad Columbian dons, moonlit Voodoo ceremonies, sailing races, hurricanes, and an island with creatures that would keep your nightmares awake.

Reisig has been writing professionally for 20 years. He is a former Caribbean adventurer turned newspaper editor, award-winning columnist, and best-selling novelist.

After high school and college in Florida, he relocated to the Florida Keys. He established a commercial diving business, got his pilot’s license, and traveled extensively throughout the southern hemisphere, diving, treasure hunting, and adventuring.

Reisig claims he has been thrown out of more countries in the Caribbean Basin that most people ever visit, and he admits that a great many of the situations and the characters in his novels are authentic – but nothing makes a great read like experience…

He now lives in the mountains of Arkansas, where he hunts and fishes, and writes, but he still escapes to the Caribbean for an occasional adventures.

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