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Reisig Releases New Book

Best-selling author Michael Reisig has just released his 15th novel, and the sixth in his “Road To Key West’ series. If you enjoy high adventure and humor, you’ll like this one.

In Reisig’s latest, Kansas and Will are off again on another perilous adventure. But first, the reader is drawn back over 400 years, to the magnificent Mayan empire – to the intrigue of powerful rulers, Spanish invasion, and an adventure/love story that survives the challenge of time.

Moving forward several centuries, our protagonists stumble upon a collection of ancient writings — the tale of a treasure that was cached by the great Mayan ruler, Nachán Can.

If you’re looking for remarkable characters, high adventure, enduring romance, and bizarre situations, come follow Will and Kansas on an odyssey through Central America, The Bahamas, and The Florida Keys, in “Beyond The Road To Key West.”

The book is available on The ebook price is $3.99 and paperback copy is $12.95, just go to

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